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What is Search Engine Optimisation ( SEO )?

SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimisation”. It is the process of making a website more search engine friendly so that the search engine crawlers (also referred to as web crawlers, spiders, bots) will easily access the content of the website, analyse it, rank it and index in search engines.

Looking for SEO Service for a business based in Melbourne (Local SEO)?

If your business based in Melbourne, you may be interested in to know how you can be ranked for the keywords related to your business with location “Melbourne” or any other suburbs in Melbourne.

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is focused on providing results that are relevant to a searcher based on their current location. This also referred to as local pack in the SEO industry. If I search for adwords agency Melbourne ‘right now, Google would provide me with results like below.  We are ranked 🙂



This can be changed based on the device you are using to search. If you are using the mobile device you could get more accurate results based on your location in Melbourne.

General SEO Vs Local SEO?

Most of the business owners have this question. The best answer to this is with a combined approach you can generate much greater results. Generally, in the industry SEO agencies sell Local SEO as a separate package as it involves some additional work on Google My Business Optimisation and building your local reputation or referred to as citation building. ( Local Directory Submissions )

If you implement the local SEO campaign with general SEO campaign you will be able to increase overall search visibility.

How many keywords for SEO?

All our SEO Packages start with 30+ keywords for the same price most of the agencies provide for 5 or 10 keywords.

Why ?

The landscape of SEO is changing and its changed, if you are still on a limited keywords SEO Plan you don’t get the real benefits of the SEO.

How often should SEO be done?

There is no exact time frame. SEO is an evolving process which needs to be done continuously in order to rank on top of the search engines.

How often need to update a blog post for SEO?

In general better to update a blog post twice in a month or more. It basically depends on the marketing strategy and the cost you are spending on online marketing and the visitors you have. If the visitor rate is high it is better to update blog posts more often.

How SEO and SEM Work together?

It is always better to have SEO and SEM ( Paid campaigns ) if you are planning to reach your customers online. Search Engine Optimization is basically a long-term strategy whereas Search Engine Marketing, PPC is a quick way to reach customers.

What does an SEO specialist do?

♦ Website analysis and SEO audit
♦ Implement SEO strategy & content strategy for the Digital Marketing projects
♦ Perform SEO analysis and recommendations in coordination with elements and structure of websites and web pages
♦ Improve the content strategy of the website
♦ Monitor and evaluate search results and search performance across the major search channels ( ex-Google, Bing )
♦ Monitor target keywords and improve the keyword rankings.
♦ Good exposure to on-page & off-page optimization, keyword research, keyword mapping & analysis, Google AdWords keyword planner, google analytics and google webmasters tool

What to think/do when building or revamping a website / SEO Migration?

♦ Initially, conduct a comprehensive keywords research on the business, product and services.
♦ Do a Competitor analysis using SEMRush
♦ If its an E-Commerce website use Google Bible of Product Categorisation to categorise your website products. ( This is a Golden Tip 🙂 )
♦ If you are doing revamping/ SEO migration, make sure you have all data collected and map all content gaps before launching your new site.