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From A Google Search Partner Based in Melbourne 

Google AdWords Help

We have been using Google AdWords for some time but always knew we could always do better and had contacted SearchMinistry to see how they could help.

From the very start they were prompt and provided detailed reports and replies to all of our questions which showed their dedication, commitment and professionalism.

Since hiring SearchMinistry our Quality score has improved by 2 points and lowered our CPC but also improved our conversions by 20%, so we’re very happy with the great work they have done so far and will continue to use their service.

Roman Shashkov

You Go Designs

Setup & Optimised by Google professionals

Average conversion increase 15%-20% 

Weekly Campaign Optimisations

No lock-in contracts

Unlimited keywords

Call/Whats App : 0452457068

FREE Google AdWords Health Check

A research by Wordstream found that 1 in 5 AdWords managers are not doing any activity on an AdWord account for last 30 days. And Only 10% of advertisers consistently do optimisation work every week over a 90-day period.

Which results in nearly 25% of your AdWords budget being wasted.

Minimise AdWordsWasted Spend

Improve CTR & More Leads

By improving your Ad Relevancy Factors and Quality Score our AdWords specialist will increase your CTR, resulting more clicks and conversion for your AdWords budget.

Our expert AdWords Campaign Management Services Include

  • Audit your AdWord Account and continous AdWords management and optimisation.
  • New AdWords account setup and management.
  • Recommendations and Implementations to Improving AdWords keywords and ad texts
  • Recommendations to improve your landing pages’ conversions
  • Creating a remarketing campaign
  • Creating Google display Campaigns
  • Creating mobile apps campaigns
  • Creating YouTube advertising campaigns
  • All other AdWords support services 


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